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The Rise And Fall Of American Apparel

At American Apparel's peak, it was one of the most popular teen retail stores in the 2000s. Controversial CEO Dov Charney and sexual marketing made the brand, but that is also what led to its fall from grace. Will a new turnaround plan be enough for investors and consumers to get behind the retail brand?

“Dov Charney was way ahead of his time from the point of view of what he was doing right,” said Jan Rogers Kniffen, CEO of J. Rogers Kniffen WWE. “He was manufacturing in the U.S. He was taking on all the social issues. He was all about perfecting immigration, LGBT rights, not using models who were made up or airbrushed or anything.”

But he was also doing a lot of things wrong. Allegations of sexual harassment surfaced around Charney, and people started to wonder if American Apparel’s overtly sexualized image went too far. In 2014, the board of American Apparel ousted Charney.

CORRECTION (January 22, 2020): At 2.49, we stated American Apparel had about 60 stores and revenue of over $275 million. American Apparel had 103 stores and revenues of more than $210 million.

At 4:18, we stated American Apparel closed more stores than it opened in 2009. American Apparel started closing more stores than it opened, shrinking its footprint, in 2010.

At 2:15, we stated that American Apparel shifted manufacturing to Mexico. American Apparel experimented with manufacturing in Mexico after its products were produced in South Carolina and Los Angeles.

At 3:33, we stated same-store sales growth at American Apparel was 7% in 2006. It was 5%.

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The Rise And Fall Of American Apparel
Melissa Charles : It’s really hard to find basics honestly, most companies add some unnecessary design to their clothing that always ruins it; so I do miss AA
Lawrence : Rise: kids buying with parents money
Fall: young adults not wanting to spend their own money on overpriced basic clothes.
DANJA A. S : It is "expensive" because it is made in USA. They paid their employees the California wage ordinance. The quality of it can last years. The clothes I own from AA lasted me years. It is simple, yet can be worn everyday.
Jane R : I miss the old AA. The stuffs I bought from AA years ago have lasted me till today despite innumerable washes. Excellent quality! Thanks to the comment section I’ve found out about LA apparel, so excited to try. Hope it’s the same quality as the former AA.
Mars Yedid : I literally don’t care if the clothes were ‘basic’ AA did the BEST jeans THE BEST. Amazing shoes as well. Till this day I still have those jeans

How American Apparel Fell From Grace | Corporate Casket

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Eloise Fraser-Hurley : ill never forget when i went into an American Apparel shop as a teen looking for skinny jeans, I tried on two sizes, my usual an 8 and a 10. Neither got past my thighs. I asked the shop assistant if they used different sizing (maybe it was American or something) as I was normally an 8 and with these it looks like I would need a size 14. She looked me up and down and said "you're a 14" with such contempt. I started tearing up, gave her the jeans and left. I cant imagine being that horrible to a teenager and it made me despise the shop ever since. I cant wait to see them collapse
Indybot : Oh, was woody allen upset about having his consent violated? That sounds so hard for him.
Sydney Bean : I completely forgot AA actually existed, I thought it was some Mandela Effect and I was mistaking them for American Eagle for the longest time LMAO
Elizabeth Lorraine : American Apparel really captured that sort of like "gross and sexual for shock value" mixed with "seriously unhealthy body standards for women" that embodied the mid-to-late 90s and early 2000s.
Alli Cozic : You should cover Abercrombie and Fitch. Their catalogs had multiple half naked models and caused major controversy. Not to mention the CEO saying his clothing was for cool kids - not ugly and fat people.


#american apparel


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